Membership Information

The Sediment Management Work Group (the "SMWG") has four membership classifications and sponsors:

General Membership 

Members of the SMWG are generally owner/operators or responsible party corporations facing sediment management issues. Members share information on existing sediment management projects (to the extent not precluded by legal proceedings or privilege) and participate in activities advancing the SMWG Mission Statement, most importantly adding to the scientific knowledge around contaminated sediment management. Meetings of the Members of the SMWG are conducted quarterly from which Members benefit from the ongoing dissemination of information and reports on new sediment developments, technology transfer and precedent.  Members scope and manage as many of the SMWG technical projects as they are interested, working closely with experts in the field as they advance the science of contaminated sediment remediation.   

SMWG projects coupled with independent research studies, projects and review of sediment management issues conducted and shared by Members provide a tremendous efficiency in accelerating the learning curve on sediment management issues, not to mention the potential time and cost savings. If your organization faces the prospect of even one potential sediment site, the information, ideas and strategic options available to you from membership in the SMWG will recoup many dividends for your organization.

Associate Membership

Our Associate membership class was established to permit governmental PRPs, industry and trade associations, and research organizations who wished to become involved and informed on sediment issues the opportunity to do so and as a method of broadening the scope of the dissemination of the SMWG’s message. Our Associate Members include governmental PRPs, such as the Army and Navy, as well as several industry and trade associations and research organizations.  

Ports Membership

In 2017 we added a category for Ports. Ports are also eligible to join as full Members.  

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership is available to academics and governmental bodies that are not PRPs at the discretion of the Members.  

Sponsor Program

Our Sponsor program was established in 2002 to open up new opportunities for collaboration between our members and the environmental consultants and contractors who possess detailed experience in this area.  SMWG Sponsors have unique opportunities to interact with the SMWG Membership, including opportunities to participate in technical sessions and conduct the research and studies identified for funding by the Members.  The SMWG hosts an annual Sponsor Forum, a technical session that provides an excellent opportunity for our Sponsors to showcase their expertise and to provide valuable information about their respective activities and knowledge of critical sediment management issues to the SMWG Members and Sponsors. 

For more information about joining the SMWG in any member class or as a sponsor, please contact the Group's Coordinating Director, Laurie Matthews at