About Us

The Sediment Management Work Group (the "SMWG") is an ad hoc group open to membership from industry and government with responsibility for management of contaminated sediments. As a group, we seek to advance risk-based, scientifically sound approaches for the evaluation of sediment management decisions.  

Formed in early 1998, the Mission Statement of the SMWG is:

  To advance scientifically sound approaches to improve sediment risk assessment,  

 collect and share information to enhance and evaluate remedial technologies and alternatives, 

 and promote risk-based and cost-effective sediment management decisions. 

To that end, SMWG identifies and funds research resulting in peer-reviewed publications on matters related to contaminated sediment remediation.  SMWG works cooperatively with regulatory agencies and other government entities but is not a lobbying organization.  

The SMWG consists of a strong and diversified membership with representation from the aerospace, diversified manufacturing, metal, oil, chemical, utility, commercial ports and paper industries to name just a few.  The Group also includes Associate Members consisting of industry and trade associations and government PRPs, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and certain departments of the U.S. Navy.  Recognizing that many consulting and contracting companies share our objectives, consultants and contractors participate as Sponsors.  

For more information about the SMWG, please contact the Group's Coordinating Director, Laurie Matthews at laurie.matthews@morganlewis.com.