June 2019 - Sediment Remedy Effectiveness Retrospective Workshop (Seattle, WA)

2019 Battelle - C1 - GLLA Used to Focus Stakeholders on Developing Acceptable Remedial Alternative for Spirit Lake in the St. Louis River (Duluth) AOC

2017 Battelle - Phase II of the River Raisin Legacy Act Project - Dredging & Capping PCB NAPL-Like Material in Glacial Till.pdf

2017 Battelle - Cost-Effectiveness Defined - The Mystery of Proportionality under CERCLA's NCP Solved

2017 Battelle - Case Study on the Successful Implementation of the Lower Menominee River Betterment GLAA Project

Oct. 2015 -  ABA SEER  Perspectives on the Great Lakes Legacy Act

Oct. 2015 -  Midwest Environmental Compliance Conference (MECC)  - Sediment Cleanup and Great Lakes Legacy Act

2015 Battelle -  C-002_Is it Time for a National Legacy Act

2015 Battelle -  D-106_Analysis of Recontamination-update

2015 Battelle -  P-002_GLLA-Using the Cost Sharing Approach

2015 Battelle -  P-003_Finding the Right Balance in Remedy Selection-Panel

Oct. 20, 2014 -  2014 AEHS Contaminated Sediment Sites At The Crossroad

Jan. 23, 2014 - Ryerson Creek GLNPO GLLA Meeting -  Industry Perspective On The Great Lakes Legacy Act Program

2013 Battelle - Creative Solutions for Watershed-based Sustainable Sediment Management

2013 Battelle -  B-044_Industry Perspective on the Great Lakes Legacy Act

2013 Battelle -  Learning from the Past to Enhance Remedy Evaluation, Selection and Implementation

2013 Battelle -  Potential Approaches for Addressing Clean Water Act Issues at Contaminated Sediment Sites

2013 Battelle -  Optimize Risk Reduction, Risk Management Processes and Remedy Selection

2013 Battelle - Panel -  Thought Starters - Role of Risk Management at Contaminated Sediment Sites

2013 Battelle -  A-002_River Raisin Great Lakes Legact Act Project

2011 Meeting with OSRTI -  Presentation  to U.S. EPA OSRTI Followup on opportunities identified at the USACE/SMWG Workshop, Working Toward A New Contaminated Sediment Site Paradigm

2011 Battelle - Panel:  Integrating Stakeholder Perspectives

2011 Battelle - Effective Communication with Stakeholders Concerning Remedial Options for Sediment Sites

2011 Battelle - CSOs and SSOs - The Major Source Control Impediment to Sensible Urban Waterway Sediment Remediation

2009 Battelle -  Effective Communication with Stakeholders 0f Remedial Options for Sediment Sites

2009 Battelle -  The 4 "Rs" in Sediment Management: A Synopsis and Overview

2009 Battelle -  Principles for Evaluating Remedial Options for Contaminated Sediment Sites

2008 U-Mass -  Understanding Remediation at Contaminated Sediment Sites:  Advantages, Limitations, and Risks Associated with Sediment Management Options

2008 U-Mass -  Importance of Source Control:  Recontamination of Completed Sediment Removal Projects

2007 Battelle -  Analysis of Recontamination of Completed Remedial Projects

June 7, 2006 - SMWG Review and Analysis of Selected Sediment Dredging Projects submitted to NRC Committee (Irvine, CA)

May 2022 - FINAL SMWG Molecular Biological Tools White Paper (May 30, 2022).pdf

May 2018 - May 2018 Fish Exposure Workshop Summary of Proceedings (with USACE ERDC)

April 2018 - SMWG Principal Threat Waste White Paper 04.04.18

April 2018 -  April 2018 - White Paper - Important Considerations in the Derivation of Background at Sediment Sites (Nov. 2016 Workshop)

Aug. 2017 - Nadeau Written Testimony - CERCLA Oversight

June 2017 - SMWG Comments To EPA Task Force 06 14 17

May 2017 - SMWG Response to EPA Request for Potential Regulatory Reform (5.15.17)

Jan. 2017 -  SMWG Comments On Proposed Plan For The San Jacinto River Waste Pits Site

July 2016 - Nadeau Written Testimony on CERCLA Oversight

Aug. 20, 2014 -  2014 SMWG Comments on Passaic Proposed Plan

June 13, 2013 -  SMWG Comments on Lower Duwamish Proposed Plan  submitted to EPA Region 10

April 26, 2013 -  SMWG Comments on Proposed Plan for Gowanus Canal  submitted to EPA Region 2

April 2013 - SMWG Comments on Draft Screening and Assessment of Contaminated Sediment Guidance  submitted to NYSDEC

Oct. 2012  SMWG Comments on Proposed Sediment Management Standards Amendments  submitted to Washington State DOE

Aug. 3, 2012 -  SMWG Comments on Lockheed West Seattle Proposed Plan  submitted to EPA

May 29, 2012 -  SMWG Comments to NRRB on Gowanus Canal Draft FS

Aug. 2011 -  2011 SMWG Comments on Proposed Changes to CSTAG and NRRB  submitted to EPA

Aug. 25, 2010 -  SMWG Comments on Proposed Cleanup Plan for Sudbury River - Nyanza Chemical Waste Dump  submitted to EPA Region 1

June 8, 2010 -  SMWG Comments on US EPA's Process Re Response to NAS on Dioxin  submitted to EPA

Oct. 5, 2007 -  SMWG Comments on Passaic River FFS  submitted to EPA Region 2

Jan. 11, 2007 -  SMWG Comments on Proposed Amendment to Fox River ROD  submitted to EPA Region 5

Jan. 16, 2007 -  SMWG Letter on Draft Great Lakes Binational Toxics Strategy Report-Sediments

July 15, 2005 -  SMWG Comments re TSCA PCB Disposal Rule

Decision Tree for Contaminated Sediments (1999).zip  (NOTE - This interactive document is dated 1999 and does not incorporate the EPA Sediment Guidance)

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